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  • Amber & Pomegranate Chinese Herbal Exfoliating Grains

    $ 22.00

    Exfoliation is one of the secrets for clear, beautiful skin. This pleasant and invigorating scrub is made up of very fine grains, amber and pomegranate to remove whatever might be dulling up your complexion. Simple, natural and earthy-smelling, this is an exfoliant t... more
  • Cooling and Calming Complete Daily Skincare System

    $ 98.00

    The collection of products made especially for daily use by sensitive, delicate, or redness-prone skin, all together here for a significant discount when purchased as a set. Sensitive Skin Daily Skincare System includes:1 1oz. Chamomile Cucumber Cream for Sensitive S... more
  • Cooling and Healing Acne Botanical Spot Treatment

    $ 28.00

    Target spots of misbehaving skin before they show up! Our Acne Healing Botanical Spot Treatment contains heat clearing and anti-inflammatory botanicals to prevent flare-ups before they occur. With an herbal blend of green tea, white willow extract, sage and lavender ... more
  • Hand and Nail Concentrate Balm

    $ 19.00

    For dry and overworked hands, Virga Botanicals Hand & Nail Concentrate Balm is the answer. Developed for health care workers who are constantly washing their hands, this balm gives over-worked hands the immediate moisture and suppleness needed to maintain soft a... more
  • Hand and Nail Concentrate Balm and Treatment

    $ 42.00

    Super care for dry, winter-ravaged,overworked hands! Two extremely effective hand and nail therapies, together here at a special price for the set. Hand and Nail Concentrate is made especially to support hand health, maintaining skin suppleness and nail strength duri... more
  • Hand and Nail Intensive Overnight Treatment

    $ 26.00

    Part hand softening, part nail strengthening, this treatment is made to replenish moisture into overworked hands while you sleep. Slather on before bed, wrap with plastic wrap or gloves, and watch what eight hours of sleep can do! This super intensive healing moistu... more
  • Lavender & Cedar Perfect Bug Spray

    $ 19.00

    What would you do if we told you that the herbal scents you love can help ward off those pesky bugs!? Virga Botanicals Bug Spray is made with lavender and cedar oils, scents that humans love but that bugs hate! Enjoy the outside more, and worry less with this 100% n... more
  • Nourishing and Tonifying Complete Daily Skincare System

    $ 148.00

    All the beautiful essentials for daily care of normal to dry/mature facial skin; all in one place.Daily Skin Care System includes:1 2oz. jar of Neroli Extraordinary Day cream for all-day light but extremely nourishing moisturization.1 2oz. Triple Rose Face Cream for ... more
  • Pomegranate Rose Supplementing Skin Concentrate

    $ 60.00

    Get skin that is perfectly hydrated, radiant and smooth. Virga Botanicals’ supremely nourishing, vitamin-rich, preservative free Pomegranate Rose Concentrate is a blend of universally recognized skin enhancers. Containing pomegranate, rosehip seed and frankincense, t... more
  • Triple Rose Extraordinary Face Cream

    $ 42.00

    The rose has an eternal reputation as a beauty enhancer due to its emolliating and skin soothing properties. This ultra-rich, super nourishing facial moisturizer is composed of organic oil of rose, rosehip seed and evening primrose oils. This face cream should be us... more
  • Vanilla Sugar Shea Butter Supernourishing Body Scrub

    $ 28.00

    Virga Botanicals Vanilla Sugar Shea Butter Body Scrub is sensual and comforting. Containing real, natural vanilla and a high percentage of sugar, this is an ultra thick and rich body scrub.   Paraben, sulfate, phthalate, phosphate, cruelty free and vegan.   Biodeg... more

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