Real Is Beautiful.

I will admit from the start:  I am an aesthete, pure and simple.  Beauty is, to me, nothing less than a spiritual principle.  Not vanity —the mere concern with personal appearance — but the real, pure beauty of living things everywhere.   I intend my products to affirm that in their users, and we prepare them with a deliberate mindfulness that I hope facilitates this.
—Kirsten Dolby Jacob, Chinese herbalist and founder

Real is beautiful.
That one statement has been both the inspiration for and the guiding passion of Virga Botanicals.
We put a huge amount of effort and research into everything from sourcing the purest quality ingredients to minimizing and substituting for known sensitizers, to beautiful, protective, sustainable packaging.  As a cruelty-free, eco-loving company, we make it a priority to ensure we use nothing for which any creature, uh, got the short end of the stick. 

As a brand founded by a fully-trained Board-certified Chinese Herbologist, we make use of the botanical principles of that tradition primarily.   And as a plant and nature buff who has been making her own skin-care products since she was 12 (so that’s 36 years in case you're wondering) and fielding queries for as long regarding what I 'do' to my skin, I've had enough practice and encouragement that I hope I have something to offer in terms, not of vanity, but of Beauty.





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