Our Ethics

Virga Botanicals aims to bring organic, environmentally responsible products to our customers.


The essence of our philosophy:


  • We believe that a casual or hurtful attitude towards the earth's living resources-human, animal, plant or elemental - is the antithesis of real beauty. Our most beautiful selves have roots in connection to the universal, with recognition of and respect for the big picture.  At Virga Botanicals we promise always to strive in action for the affirmation of this ideal.

    Our commitment to you:


    • We source highest-grade, purest ingredients, organic whenever possible.
    • We use only pure, bioactive plant-derived essential oils and extracts.
    • We carefully avoid the use of known sensitizers and common allergens.
    • We are petroleum-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, artificial fragrance-free, and use no unnecessary ingredients or additives.
    • We create products in dry or 100% oil-based formulations whenever possible to avoid the use of preservatives altogether.
    • We package our formulations in glass and non-toxic containers.
    • We provide exceptional customer service and education; and full transparency regarding our ingredient list and process.

        Our commitment to the world:


        • We donate a percentage of every sale to community, human, and environmental efforts.
        • We use responsible, biodegradable packaging.
        • We operate from a cruelty-free ethos. 
        • We actively and personally engage our community - both local and global - through donation, service and partnership.

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