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Why Virga

The word 'Virga' is Latin for 'a green twig', or a branch. It connotes something new, fresh, always growing; a living and flourishing part of a deeply rooted whole. In the spirit of this, nature's universal principle, it was chosen as the name of our unique plant-based skincare line.

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The Virga Difference

The ancient system of Chinese Herbology is mysterious and complex; each individual herb has a scope of attributes that define's its way of interacting with the body's life force, the Qi. Chinese Herbology is dynamic, balancing and symbiotic. The ideal balance of mind, body and spirit is the epitome of health in Eastern tradition.

The Virga Promise

Virga Botanicals aims to delivers that same balance for you to achieve timeless and perfectly radiant beauty. Drawing from the scientific and energetic principles of Chinese botanical usage, our products are exquisitely formulated to bring out the thinner radiance and pure beauty that is yours, naturally.

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Our Core Beliefs

REALNESS AND BEAUTY:Real beauty exists in each of us extrinsically, and in the world at large.

BALANCE :We are many parts of one whole, and that taking personal responsibility for our place in that dynamic makes us, and the world, a place of greater Beauty.

INTEGRITY: Matching words and actions, inside and outside,is anexpression of Realness. This is what we strive for in all our interactions.

SIMPLICITY: Healthy skin, like life, benefits most from an emphasis on quality, essentials and conscious care.

CHINESE & WESTERN PHYTOTHERAPEUTICS:are the perfect basis for pure,effective products that maximize impact on personal well being while minimizing effects to the environment.

CONNECTING-TO BEAUTY AND WELLNESS:within yourself can positively impact how we connect to our global community.

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About Our Founder

Founder Kirsten Jacob is an acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist. She has been creating her own natural plant-based products since she was 12, and is motivated by a passion for offering natural beauty products that combine the ancient science of Chinese herbal practice with the botanical secrets of western herbalism. This passion has been the driving force behind Virga Botanicals.

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