Goji Berry (gou qi) August 28 2014

In Chinese herbology, goji berry is an 'herb' that is also a food, and is classified as a 'Yin tonic' with a special affinity for the eyes.   

Chinese Herbal Properties: yin-tonifying, purifying, deeply supplementing


Goji berries contain high amounts of vitamin C, well-recognized for its ability to promote a tighter, radiant complexion by boosting collagen production and brightening skin tone.  It also contains smoothing polysaccharides, amino acids, and 11 of the 22 essential dietary minerals.

Lately considered a 'superfood', it is full of protective anti-oxidants as well as skin-nourishing hydrators and collagen-supporters.   It has taditionally been eaten for centuries as a tonic in Chinese culture.